mobile security unit

London, UK & throughout europe

motorcycle escort service + close protection

Secure your supercar and protect your passengers and more with our Mobile Security Units (MSUs). Skilled security operatives on state of the art motorcycles flank, escort, and protect you and your vehicle. With the rapid rise of violent ‘smash and grab’ robberies in Europe’s capital cities. 242 MSU provides peace of mind, both in transit and parked on the streets.

Mission Ready

Our highly trained riders are former special forces and specialist law enforcement operatives. They have all undergone intensive executive protective training. Each engagement is treated as a high-priority mission, with a personalised service exclusive to you and your needs.

MSU operatives can spot, deter and prevent threats or problems with maximum discretion. 

peace of mind

We exist to protect you and everything you hold valuable. Our exclusive task equipped motorbike escort service ensures that you are free to travel in style – free from any threats.

Engage our services

242 MSU provide clients with the ability to relax and enjoy their lifestyles without fear of attack. Whether for a specific event, trip, or asset movement, we will consult, plan, form and deliver an approach that works for you.