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What is the MSU?

242 MSU is the first of its kind in the world, offering mobile security units (MSUs) to clients.

In-transit crime in London is rising at an alarming rate making luxury car owners wary of driving the city streets. We are passionate about our clients being free to live the life they choose and so 242 MSU offers a bespoke escort service to offer you the highest protection while on the road.

The company pioneered this service to directly answer the increase in mobile crime targeting exclusive vehicles and luxury assets. The MSUs ensure a proximity deterrent during our client’s movement.

motorcycle escort service + close protection + convoy security

Why is this service required?

Since 2014, smash and grab moped crime in London has been on the rise. Thieves group together in gangs on mopeds or e-bikes to target luxury cars while driving. Their aim is to grab luxury items from the occupants such as watches and handbags. Last year, there were 42 watch robberies in the capital in just one month, all related to moped gangs.

We are passionate about providing our clients with the ability to relax and enjoy their cars without fear of attack. Our high end tasked equipped motorbikes are ridden by former special forces or specialist law enforcement-trained security personnel and act as a proximity deterrent for the entirety of the engagement.

As well as detering moped attacks, our escorts are available for convoy security for the transportation of high-end assets such as fine art, jewellery, equipment and cash.

our operatives

With decades of combined experience within special forces, high-end military, and specialist law enforcement units to offer our clients unrivalled security problem-solving capacity.

Our collaborative networks reach worldwide and can recruit subject matter experts to scope, framework, and implement a wide array of security consulting special projects dependent on the client’s needs.

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242 MSU provide clients with the ability to relax and enjoy their cars without fear of attack. Whether it be for a specific event, trip, or conference, we will consult, plan, form and deliver an approach that works for you.